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Santana has been providing natural and sustainable cork flooring for the past 30 years. Thanks to the addition of the Santana brand, Impermo’s offer, as the largest Belgian flooring specialist, is even more complete.

The perfect addition
to Impermo’s

The sustainable materials ensure that Santana’s cork floors are a 100% environmentally-friendly alternative within the existing Impermo range of products. In our inspiration boxes, you are able to see, feel and experience every style, colour and material. Because, from cork motif to a wood or cement look: your Santana cork floor can have any look you like.

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This is why people opt for cork

Harvesting from cork oak

Opting for cork is opting for an environmentally-friendly natural product. From harvest to production to installation: the environment is taken into account during every phase.

Cork comes from the South-European cork oak. It is harvested in a 100% environmentally-friendly way by peeling the bark from the tree. The tree is not cut or damaged, because its bark grows back after it has been removed. The debarking process can be repeated every 9 years. So, cork trees can live for hundreds of years!

CO2-negative; the new normal

The cork oak extracts 5 times more CO2 from the atmosphere than any other tree. This is not only beneficial for climate warming, but it also means that more CO2 is extracted from the air than is needed for the production of our Santana cork. The result? A climate-positive production process.

100% sustainable

The core of Santana cork is completely PCV-free and consists of 100% sustainable, natural cork fibres. And did you know that only water-based varnish is used in the installation of cork floors? While it is drying, only water is released, instead of a harmful solvent, as is often the case for glue and varnish.

Noise reducing

Cork is also very popular among interior architects. The 40 million cells per cubic centimeter absorb both ambient sound and the sound of walking. And not only in the space it is in, but also on the floors below. Cork is therefore ideal for study rooms, bedrooms and more.

Insulating & energy-efficient

The insulating character of cork not only filters out any ambient noises, but also maintains a comfortable warmth in your home. One millimeter of cork is equal to four centimeters of concrete.

And the cork floor feels comfortable under your bare feet.

Wear-resistant & maintenance- friendly

The scratch-proof top layer ensures a maintenance-friendly floor. Just vacuuming or washing is enough for a shiny and clean result

All Santana cork floors have a classification 33, which guarantees absolute resistance for intensive commercial use.

Easy to install

Santana click lock flooring helps you with any renovation project! Thanks to the convenient click system, you can easily install them yourself. The floor does not require any pre-treatment and installation is done ‘floating’, which means you don’t have to glue it.

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